Stathis is

An Internet Evangelist, a Thinker, a Netizen...
Developing New Business opportunities
An innovative Marketing & Media Professional
Following New Trends and New Ideas...
Gets the Job Done

University of Edinburgh University of La Verne Varvakios

 If people knew the power of the remote
we would all be Jedi

— Stathis Michail —

Here’s few Famous Partners we’ve worked with so far

Knox Media Hub   Icareus  Google

Our goal is to apply our experience in researching markets and providing our customers with the most reliable and cutting edge technologies. Through exclusive partnerships and J/Vs with major makers we offer a wide variety of products and services for today’s challenging market.

Look at the fingers of your hands
if you want to know
how things that are different
can be the same.

— Mikhail Naimy —


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You are what you share.

— C.W. Leadbeater —


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